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Following are the services that we offer:

(All Prices quoted are in Barbados Dollars or BDS$, where US$1.00 = BDS$2.00 approx.)

Computer Hardware Repair & Service
General Repair of both Home and Commercial PC Hardware, including Diagnostics, Virus/Malware Checking and Removal, where possible ... Recovery attempts in worse case scenarios.  Parts replacement and/or upgrades, including software and data migration from old PC to new PC.

PC-RepairPickup/Drop-off, Off-Site Repair & Return:

Standard 36hr to 72hr turnaround   ... $ 50/hr.
Expedited 24hr to 36hr turnaround  ... $ 75/hr.

On-Site Service:
Normal 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (Mon-Fri) ...  $ 75/hr.
After Hours, Sat/Sun, Public Holidays ...  $100/hr.

Report Writing / Business Intelligence / Consulting
General Report Writing, both basic and customisation to fit certain business models or specifics as may be required.  Leveraging of all data collected and used by systems to give better historical analysis, current and forecasting of business trends.  This includes the ability to analyze, identify and thus development of new opportunities.

Price : 100
Time : 9 to 5 PM
Delivery: Within 2 days

Database Management, Tuning and Optimisation

Actian Ingres, Microsoft SQL Server & Oracle DBMS
General and specific Database Management System (DBMS) support, SQL scripting, Stored Procedures, Triggers & Procedures

Price : 100
Time : 9 to 5 PM
Delivery: Within 2 days

Inventory Control, Supply Chain / Logistics Consulting
Describe about your service and some of the benefits that it offers. You may also want to mention how your service is better in terms of pricing, quality and time of delivery. And also you can mention how many people or organizations are using this service from you. You may also want to provide some relevant details about the service like…

Price : 100
Time : 9 to 5 PM
Delivery: Within 2 days

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